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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

color of the sky.....

Last night I wanted to come home and capture my awe at the color of the sky.  Yesterday was a blue day- I wanted to wear blue, I recognized that I missed wearing blue- I wore a lot of blue working at The Works.  I noticed that I noticed blue in the morning and in the evening.  That color- that beautiful light blue fading to dark- it is that in between that is stunning! 

This morning as Sally prepared to get on the bus: again- the color of the sky- gorgeous! As I looked east it was the in between: the bright sunrise and the already blue sky-as you look west it is a deeper blue-magnificent!

I know there is inspiration here. I recognize how hard it is to capture color, how we must be in the moment and embrace what is given to us.  I googled crayon colors- what fun it would be to name the crayons.  The whole Pantone, Crayola and beyond world is fun but certainly not without challenge.

Time to go to work, I just wanted to share the beauty I found in my life on Newark-Granville Road. Something that inspires me- the color of the sky is one of those things- the dusk and dawn blue sky in particular.

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