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Monday, March 14, 2016

Ohio Vote and thoughts on my mind.....

So many blog post ideas after a drive to and from Maryland and March in full force....and happy exciting things happening on Newark-Granville Road to chronicle.  However as I plan the week- one filled with celebratory occasions- voting is top priority!

I am happy to be in town to vote! I am grateful I get to vote.  I went early last election due to travel. I have been concerned about the upcoming election- presidential and when looking beyond the primaries it is depressing, alarming..... disconcerting- that is the word.  But I won't go there today.....tomorrow is the primary, tomorrow I think local for the candidate with the sign in our yard- Chris Reamer. Chris is running for Licking County Prosecutor and would do a great job!We've heard from those involved in government process he is the right person for the job. We know Chris as a hard working, good Dad, community oriented, positive. We've sat on the side lines together and cheered for our kids and attended Rotary meetings and non profit fundraisers together. He loves this community and wants to use his talents and serve the legal process. I hope you'll join me in voting for Chris tomorrow if he is on your ballot. We'll talk the next later down the road....

I hope you'll make time to vote. You may even vote outside of your party/comfort zone- do what you need to do.   Joe is advocating for this, has done this himself in the past.  Know what is on your ballot here:  thanks to all those that serve the voting process- my parents work the poll booths in MD!  Dinner on pi day (3/14) will have good conversation this Monday evening in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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