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Monday, March 28, 2016

Catching up with the blog....

So many ideas and so little time to post my thoughts. So you're getting the big update!  Here we go:

-  It is the time of year when there are extra fabulous things to do at Denison. And you are invited!!  Amazing music, recitals, speakers, sporting events...we sat on the sunny side (visitor/student) at Saturday's lax game- so nice!   Check out the website for details, text, message me or call and I will give you scoop and share what I'm attending!

-I am attending Sunday's 5Knobel Race with the 1.5 mile Weinberg walk benefiting important causes related to cancer and injury. Family outing- all five of us there! Jazz Music weekend- lots of buzz...starts on Wed at Moe's 8 pm and Sunday at 4 has Tom Carrol, some cool recitals I want to get to, more sports and then off campus- Columbus- Sunday 8 pm - Caroline Spence '11 at Natalie's Coalfire Pizza!!  Alumni/Denison friends after the for scoop!

-Spring sports here we go- tomorrow we have Peter's first baseball game or scrimmage, Thursday's is Clare's first Lax game I'll see and then Monday Sally's 1st last game for Spring '16! Here we go!

-Easter- ahhhh lovely, lovely, lovely- a big shout out to the First Presbyterian Adult Choir- beautiful, beautiful and smart- more seating with the choir in their chairs! Andy Carlson and our pianists added a great touch for this special day! Children's moment was quite well done as well- Alleluia Alleluia- that is two and yes we were counting!

-Easter Weekend- loved having my sister and her family here, Louisa and Sally kept disappearing to make mud pies and such- love it!  Hanging with my sister in brother in law Friday night was such a treat.  My parents made their way west and Joe's parents came for Easter dinner- we are so blessed.  Pictures on Facebook.  We kept it festive with a cocktail party egg hunt for some small friends/neighbors- what a treat! A favorite picture now on the blog- duck with egg!  I also made some new recipes and loved cooking with my family.  Menu Easter 2016 Granville: Ham- one with a mustard glaze and one plain, spinach salad- classic with a citrus vinaigrette, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, rolls, lemon meringue pie and orange cake, add some beet eggs, fruit and veggies, Goumas Confections chocolates, Gordon's appetizers....yum and full!

-The few days without kids was wonderful! Joe and enjoyed a late night beverage or two, easily attended a meeting, a lecture (Bobby Jindal and then talked politics.)  We also loved to hear how happy they were in Maryland and how happy my parents were to have them...and Clare off with her adopted family- what a treat!  I will say I get it- when my Mom wants us all under one roof- I slept so well last night after tucking Clare in to her bed...all my chicks in the nest!

-Denison's National Champions- on Thursday Denison had a rally for the Men's Swim and Dive Team to celebrate the NCAA National title for Div III.  Yes it was incredible to travel and watch it unfold, watch the parents, young alums, and students jump, shout, chant, cheer the team on....the energy between the team, the on-deck swimmers, the stands was quite electric.  I also loved being with this group of parents and alums at a beautiful hotel in Greensboro! Bonus- seeing Camp Alleghany friends- wow! And being in a Hagerstown friend's home town- beautiful, beautiful....southern fauna and flora is quite spectacular.

-Summer helpers- I know of folks available- let me know if I can help you track down summer help!!

I'm sure there is more but those are the highlights....thanks for reading. My life on Newark-Granville Road was filled with blessings, opportunities, prayers and praise this past week!

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