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Monday, April 18, 2016

connections to the awards....

Here is the article you need to read for the background... truly one of the best days/events on Denison's campus. The bonus comes with the back drop of fantastic perfect Ohio weather- those deep blue skies, slight breeze, warm temps but not too....those that know, know- you can't help smile and be happy on days like that...Friday was one of those days.  It was a ceremony that made me so very proud to do what I do..and then a presidential medal, our highest achievement, went to a student I've met, parent's I really enjoy...a student from a special colleague's area.  When Patrick's name was announced I gave a whisper squeal, the quick hup of a breath in and then I clapped just  bit harder and faster....congratulations Patrick Keller, well done.

Background of photo....Here is a picture taken not of Patrick but of his team- his coach, his AD, his parents and his president- all 100 percent proud and behind is the person taking the picture- me!  When I wasn't working at Denison but attending Denison Men's Basketball game one day I happened to sit next to Lissa - I could tell she was a player's parent so I asked her "which one"...she told me about Patrick. She had a bit of a southern twang and I inquired...Kentucky, Lexington...we talked about Keeneland. She met our kids, we talked sports.  We always said hello as time passed qne I learned of his path to Denison. This year I went to more games, Peter did as well and we had more opportunities to talk. I met Clarke, Lissa's husband and Patrick's Dad.  I heard more about Patrick's research and service with Hospice and their daughter's trip to Dakar, Senegal!  I met Lisa's sister and received a rally towel- feeling like part of the team at the last game. What a treat to see this fine young man receive his honor and be able to congratulate his parents , his network, role models and support the team that supported him.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is all about teamwork to make the dream work!

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