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Sunday, April 3, 2016

getting dressed once for the day and other Momisms and lessons.... my life on Newark-Granville Road.  A weekend full of lessons, ah-has and you know me I'll share why right here.

-Why were the Leithauser girls in running gear at church?  Because Mom/Susan "likes to get dressed once for the day".  If you see me at the (insert sporting event) in business wear this is why.  Today we're participating in the 5Knobel run/walk at Denison today- 1 pm, 12 pm registration and I just didn't want to rush home to change and get there.  To be honest I would of taken a nice morning at home but kids wanted to be at Sunday school and I do enjoy the adult Sunday School Class so I running gear.  Looking forward to a family outing like this- it has been awhile and it is a great cause!

-  EEK- read the definition of Mom-ism- the essay from Phillip Wylie- this ties to Sunday school conversation- the essay was from 1942 about helicopter parents!!  But then there is another definition on Wikipedia: A cliché or proverbial statement deemed typical of what a mother would say to a child; introduced by comedian Anita Renfroe.  This is what I was going for with today's post title!

-DMV lessons.....Clare is in charge of leading us, we'll support, the getting her license process.  This all tied to Sunday school discussion about raising adults.  We set off early yesterday wanting to get an early number at the DMV on the 1st Saturday of the month. Clare felt she was ready for the permit exam.  I watched her doing on-line preparation.  I read about it as well- more to find out the hours- I did give her $22 for the fee. She was surprised there was a fee- this should have been the clue of how things would go.  We had a great breakfast, talk and drive and were indeed one of the first at the DMV.  She was 3rd or 4th in line..then she texted me- "do you proof of my age?"  "Nope- lets go- home to get it" I texted back.  Clare made the mistake of not reading the opening pages of the book, and only taking the tests on line.  This gave me the opportunity to share the importance of "acquiring knowledge"...tests and grades important but really it is the acquisition of knowledge. And then it is how is it applied, how do you work together. I admitted to knowing this was needed but because we didn't discuss it and plan together we both failed. Lesson learned- home we went!

-Back to the DMV with the paperwork we had. Good news- no line or number in the license exam space at the DMV! Phew! Clare approached the officer- "I'm here to get my permit"- he said- "lets see your paperwork"...and because we did not have the actual SS card she was denied.  The document from the SS office we had did not work. It use to work, but no longer does. It says it should work on the first page but not the detailed page listing what you need to do.  Now I felt badly but Clare owned it saying she should of researched further what was needed sooner, while visabliy disapointed- sigh...but I knew this was a good lesson.) The officer has coached us on next steps and we'll move forward.  (Note Clare then witnessed my frustration in government/bureaucracy.  My logic is this- she is getting a permit to learn to drive, not the license.  The paperwork we had should have sufficed for the permit- giving us time to get the necessary paperwork.  But using one of my mother's monisms...too many peope in the world...I get it.

Phew- way too many lessons in two hours....but lessons and hopefully these will help you. They'll help us with Peter next year...maybe Sally!

We're not perfect parents but we love our kids; we're learning lessons together. 

-We watched two movies this weekend - Daddy's Home and Concusion..Joe knew I wouldn't like/approve of Daddy's Home but ....he never said- Told you So..During family dinner on Saturday night we used his review process to choose the movie and it worked!  Concussion was amazing.

Life on Newark-Granville Road...always filled with ah-has and life lessons and I'm sharing the whys.

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