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Thursday, April 14, 2016

the more as promised on Facebook about my work.

I find I'm still sharing what I do at Denison.  Just like it took years for Joe to get the word about what he does, it may take some time for me as well.  Some times it is easier to say what we don't do- people make assumptions.  Even though worked for a bank, he wasn't in finance- he was a consultant applying IT solutions.  Even though he is in IT he isn't working with software and hardware installs. Even though I work at Denison and talk often to perspective students, I'm not in the Admissions Office. Even though I was a communications major and my parents thought I'd be great in P.R. I'm not in P.R/ Institutional Communications. And when I step back and view their perspective it can be challenging and even this picture may mislead you.

This picture was taken in Washington, DC at an event hosted by a Denison alumnus and his wife. We invited current parents, alumni volunteers and admitted and enrolled students for the Class of 2020 to attend.  The point of the event was for the admitted students to understand this is part of the Denison experience- we engage with one another, we're proud to be Denisonians and we feel strongly that four years of life down Newark-Granville Road attending Denison prepares you well for the rest of your life and happiness.

A bonus for me- in this picture is an admitted student of a friend from college. His daughter is coming to Denison to play lacrosse next year. He played football, as did his brother. His family is friends with my Granville friend- they spent summers together in Michigan. New friends' daughter- we met when this alum volunteer was on campus with his wife and daughter taking a look at the school.  A Sunday overnight program dinner was the launching point!  We connected thanks to Baltimore ties and have seen each other a few times and talked by phone. The best news- he and his wife have already joined the Parent Advancement Council- how fun it will be work together to support Denison in this way.  And I made new friends that evening- I  heard about connections to other parents and then I had bonus time with a very special volunteer who I will miss so very much as she moves from current parent, to parent of an alumnus status.  The great news- she committed to a new volunteer opportunity!  Our hosts we're pretty special- alumnus with many generations of Denisonians and rich legacy and roots to our community.  Hearing him reflect on "why Denison" was inspiring.  His wife is a wonderful Denisonian and quite the hostess- we were so fortunate to have their hospitality and her leadership.   I smiled so much that evening my jaws hurt. I also had quality time and learned about the DC area and the good work of my Admissions colleague. I've been to two other events similar to these, equally special and inspiring. The opportunity to connect current parents with future parents- wow!  Next week I head to Chicago and we'll wrap up this season and look forward to getting news of those who are joining the Class of 2020.

This is the parent engagement side of my job and I like it, it energizes me.  It provides insights and opportunities to support parents, grand parents and family philanthropy to support Denison- a special place with very special people.  I do not love to leave, I do not love being away from my life on Newark-Granville Road. It is hard to leave the Joe and the kids, my own bed and desk and campus time. I miss all of these things when I'm gone.  However the work I'm doing on the road is important and rewarding. I'm setting an example for my kids and grateful for Joe's support and the modeling he does. I'm grateful for technology that allows me to stay in touch- even Snap Chat with the fun city/location.  I'm grateful and proud of the kids' increased responsibility and independence. And those friends and even acquaintances who help my kids and keep an eye out- you are what make it all possible and I'm grateful. It is one of the reasons we like to host the Derby party- please come and enjoy and let us thank you for the help.

More than you wanted maybe, but I wanted to share the rest of the story of the photo.  At these events we all go around and introduce ourselves and say what our passion passion is Denison.

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