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Sunday, April 10, 2016

New York and Licking County unite..

This very well may be a HTBT- had to be there, however I want to share this New York stop and document the fun I had in the city on Friday night!

1st- it was a great end to a wonderful work week.  Figure eights are all over our lives in fun ways- including Granville connections off of NG Road. Picking up from last week's connection of Granville and Denison- Granville friend Lori Conway and I unveiled the point we'd both be in NYC on Friday. We were indeed able to connect to toast the end of the week.  Then dear young alumna I met while working at Denison my 1st stint and have stayed in touch made her way to the city.  Catching up in person, beyond Facebook- priceless and very meaningful!  And introducing Lindsay to Licking County friends a bonus!  Next up- Baldwin family!   Baldwin family rendezvous was pure bonus! Kelly and I have kept in touch with our travel itineraries hoping for a sync to NYC- this was the weekend!  I love that it included seeing Spencer and Morgan's sibling love, Spencer and Erica's NY/college life and the full family fun! I always laugh and smile with Craig and Kelly and Friday was not a disappointment.  The setting of our fun is worth is why the blog started- helpful hints!

2nd- where to go in NYC!  My NYC fun:
-The London Hotel's bar- just a great upscale spot in a great location.
-The Park- LOVED this restaurant with multiple/ various cocktail areas-  Three cheers for Spencer and Erica- Kent students for tracking this down, just off the High Line!
-Mumufuku's Milk Bar- oh my gosh!  S and E lit up as it was described, Lindsay verified and it became the perfect end to a great night and good week.  Laughter, smiling so much my cheeks hurt and an uber journey with a favor and education took us to the upper west side's milk bar. I enjoyed it so much I went back to the midtown location for breakfast and to secure treats for the kids!  The name was fun to say, the concept of cereal milk as a flavor is ingenious and the reality that it was really good was all bonus for a memory I'll never soon forget!  Try it yourself if you find yourself in a city with a Mumufuku Milk Bar!  My life on Newark-Granville Life was full of fun in NYC!

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