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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Best laid plans...thinking of WVA...home away from homes....

The best laid plans...rerouted....greetings from Hagerstown and not the Greenbrier!  Greetings as the mother of three living with my parents, not an almost temporary empty nester!

Here is the scoop.  The kids were supposed to be delivered to their West Virginia Camps today.  We were supposed to all be at the Greenbrier with my parents catching up with my niece who finished a week of Mini-Camp. My sister was to have a special day at the Greenbrier with Greg, who had never been before we all arrived and I was to have a large group gathered in the main dining room with formal dinner and dancing....oh well- the horrible flooding recreated our plans and here is where are now.

Sarah is on her way to Hagerstown with her happy camper. Camp Alleghany kept the young campers and staff safe, dry, happy.  We can't wait to hear more details!  They were delayed a day due to road closures, access across the river (they go by barge- part of camp charm!) and who knows what else.
Sarah had to retreat to Lexington, VA- she found another Mom in a same situation....she and Greg enjoyed the college town as best they could while missing their dear daughter.

We left Joe behind in Ohio. Clare and I are like minded and had the expectation to leave town on Saturday. When we heard the Greenbrier was closed and knew camp would be delayed it didn't change our desire to move on with a trip, an escape, and reunion with my parents!  We thought about other hotels- Berkley Springs, The Homestead....where else?  We knew we needed a place to set up camp to wait for delivery time, wait to see Louisa....etc....We made the call to just go home- go to Maryland!  As the news came in on Friday I knew where and how I wanted to be processing all of this...sitting on my parents screen porch with a scotch!  Instead I went to MCC and had a martini.
Yesterday- Saturday  Joe loaded the car with the three trunks, golf clubs and dress up clothes for dinner (left over plan) and I headed east over the beautiful Allegheny mountains....we sang camp songs and had a great drive.  Once I hit the mountains a bit of melancholy hit of the state of things further south and our need to redirect. As soon as I arrived at my parents’ I went right to the porch!  Mom put a glass of ice tea in my hand and we chatted nonstop.  Emails and texts continued to arrive and plans were formed- Peter goes Wednesday to camp- I'll take him from here.  The girls go next Sunday- my parents will take them.  You see the to be empty nester Leithausers are flying to Colorado on Saturday.....hip hip hooray for Mom and Dad!

We had a lovely dinner at my parent’s club- looking over their dry pretty golf course. It wasn't the same but it was so very nice.  Grandparent time and parent time means the world to me and I'm so grateful for time like this...and the reality is I needed it.  Today is a low key relaxing day in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  Home- how do we define home?  Special places that call to us....West Virginia is one, Hagerstown another....Denison and Mercersburg...future blog post topic....for now I share that I am happy at home- on my parents porch...anxious to welcome Louisa, Sarah and Greg home!

West Virginia weighs on my mind....the damage, economic and health wellfare....we will do as able to support...grateful a special home away from home is moving forward with summer plans...although altered. Grateful for communications to keep us connected.....more on this later as well.

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