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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Dinner.....

Summer...I know we still have 7 more days until the true welcome but summer is summer when the fireflies fly, we wear white, we swim, we don't go to school and juggle who goes where when all hours of the day, when we make iced tea (stomp the lemons), drink tonic, go to baseball games, pick berries, spend as much time outside as possible?!  What means summer to you....

Summer to me means chicken salad with mac n cheese (homemade kind), olives and such to accompany the salad....strawberry shortcake for dessert.  This is the meal I made on Sunday morning and figured out how to get to the concert on the green in Granville.  It was a lovely meal if I do say so myself. We were surrounded by good people, we laughed and smiled and delighted in children's carefree love and joy.  We heard beautiful music that took us back and we could sing all the words...long live the 80s!  Life on Newark-Granville Road was summer love. I cook to show my love, to tribute the love from my mother- this is a meal she served me in the summer on Forrest Drive.  Yes comfort food....we needed comfort on Sunday. The far away real world with Orlando's horrible hate....the stress of comings and goings and juggling and dealing with anxieties and stress.  Life is so not perfect on Newark-Granville Road or anywhere in this world...but we have one another, we have moments and days to embrace and cherish and ways to show, feel and share love. Some times in a summer dinner.

Last night we had a new summer meal- twice now on a baseball night Clare has requested Indian Food.  They all like it and we love to support the dear couple that prepares the food from their country- Bombay Garden on 30th street.  Marcia Downs introduced me to it and I miss those lunches.  Now my kids request it for dinner....Clare was too sweet with this request.  As we wrapped up a lovely catch-up, chat-up, prepare for a trip to India to see my cousin Andrew and his family with Andrew and his beautiful family....Clare stated- can we pleased have Indian- we talked all about it and I now I'm craving Chicken Tiki Masala!  Sally and Clare were so up, happy, engaged, excited, thrilled for our upcoming adventure and this connection to this other place I had to oblige.  Thank you Andrew, Kay, Caulder, Adrienne and Sophie for the time, hospitality, experience and oh so right and appropriate approach to help us with this journey and adventure.

Diversion, looking ahead, happy times, meals and family...I need this in my life on Newark-Granville Road...Orlando, Facebook debates, friends' friends deaths, cancer, is all there, it is sad, depressing, hard and challenging...but we find our place, our way and dinner time helps and heals.

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