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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

happy campers......

Part of the fun of the blog is documenting the what is happening behind the pictures...the rest of the story.... So why happy campers?

1st- the picture posted to the left- Peter captured after delivery and making of his cot in his tent at Camp Greenbrier.  I also love the one Clare snapped after they loaded his is the scoop: 

Notice the yellow trunk- his choice- Michigan color, we will get M Sticker for it. There is a Denison sticker though...and sure enough counselor asked the connection- we shared. Turns out there is a DU student counselor two tents down from Peter.  Love his shirt too- always working on Denison visibility.  But look at that face- he was so ready to go and he was happy to get there.  He is in good hands. If anyone wants to write to him:  Camp Greenbrier for Boys, 100 Camp Greenbrier Dr, Alderson, WV 24910- he'll be there until July 16th!  I'll let you know when I get my letter!

Second- I'm a happy camper. 
It was great to deliver Peter to camp- thank you Clare for encouraging Peter and us.  I love what these camp experiences give our kids- time to be kids, time to be outdoors, play, relax, make new friends, get dirty...not get boys! I'll be a happier camper when I get the other two to camp (thank you Mom and Dad) and get letters from 
all 3!

And the whole Stoner family is happy campers today as good news about our Dad- his blood transfusion for his myelodysplastic syndrome went well today. Last week we had a scare.  His cataract surgery went well too- he reads a book a week- during the transfusion time- so this was important. So grateful it was a good day!

CampNanaPap is a pretty fun camp too....and that is where I've spent a few days and the girls are now.  Schedule included:
-breakfast at the white table- 7:30 start, as you wake....
-swimming at FHCC and even golf and tennis- walking to the club is part of the fun!
-cocktail hour promptly at 5:30
-TV time included this summer: Olympic Swim trials, Nationals baseball, College World Series...5 for 5 happened during this time as well.
-Ping Pong ladder matches throughout the day.

It was hard to leave the girls in Maryland but as you can see they are in great hands. I'm so grateful my parents look forward to delivering them to CA and helping us out!! I so hope all goes well and Camp Alleghany's plans can be executed for a delayed opening this year....the girls love it lessons galore as we go with the flow, roll with mother nature's wrath....The song "you can't always get what you want" by the Stones is in my head...we wanted to have three in camp by now, and a Greenbrier weekend....instead...maybe we did get what we need...ed.....time in Maryland was lovely. I actually did get work done at my parent’s table and on the porch.  It was fun to see childhood friends and my kids with their kids. I even golfed with Peter at FHCC!! I had contemplative happy camper walks and my parents are giving Clare driving lessons and cooking with Sally!

I'm a happy camper as I sit back in my perch on Newark-Granville Road thinking of my happy Camp NanaPap and Camp Greenbrier.

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