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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hello Today, Today support Denison

Friends- I hope you'll view this video- 90 seconds.  A wonderful Denison parent, alumnus, friend, volunteer created this and I love the message.  I met Marty Jones when we served together on Alumni Council- lucky me. We didn't attend Denison at the same time, but that is party of the Denison magic and network- it extends far beyond one's four years on campus. It is exponential- it truly goes to infinity and beyond.  Each year I make new Denison friends and each year I reconnect and pick up where I left off with beloved college roommates, sisters, pals.

I am in a special place to see firsthand the wonderful impact Denison has on:
-young people's lives
-fellow alumni
-our community

The students are in an important formative time in their lives and Denison indeed provides the knowledge and skills for success. It does this through relationships- friendships, mentorships, formal and informal.  And as mentioned above it continues to do so by the network it provides, the connections we have to the place we love so well!

I invite you all to watch:  And yes consider a gift. The Annual Fund dollars matter and make a difference.   We can all give something.  As my Dad said- do you like the magazine, being invited to events? (Yes you all are invited to campus for sporting events free of charge, concerts, plays, art exhibits, and the dining hall (yes some fees but think about what isn't covered in that small fee).  If you like the invite, access, mail, email...then support it with a gift to the Annual Fund!  (Do you think when he told me this as a child over and over he had any idea he was creating a fundraiser?)

So consider a gift to the Annual Fund at Denison. 
    -Denison parents, grandparents- thank you for helping me do my specific job!! 
    -Denison Alumni- thank you for helping us with our participation rate- every gift matters, it affects our national rankings- alumni participation is measured!  Now is the time, today is here- lets rally around our fair college on the hill!
    -Community friends- your gifts are appreciated and valued too! Think about what Denison does for our community- the jobs, culture, industry, tourism it brings to our beautiful licking county. Help us today with a gift to the Annual Fund.  Now more than ever Denison is engaged in our community-supporting my beloved Works: Ohio Center for History,  The Granville Inn, downtown Newark, Columbus.  I can go on and on but will stop.  Thanks for recognizing and considering becoming a friend of Denison. Is where you can give and learn more!

Thank you- regular readers you know how important Denison is in my life on Newark-Granville Road, how much I value it. I am who I am because of four years and beyond at Denison. I'm grateful and want to share the opportunity to engage. Thank you.

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