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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My venture to the Denison Golf Course!

Saying a dream came true this weekend feels like putting an inordinate weight on a relatively simple outing with not much significance.  I golfed 18 holes at the Denison Golf Course at Granville. The beautiful course, designed by Donald Ross in 1924, some holes reformatted in the late 80s to make room for the Bryn Du subdivision.  A subdivision I'm in often if not daily.

So why is it a said dream?  When Joe and I bought our house on NG Road we talked how we'd carry our clubs and golf the course.  I was still in my "learning to play mode" and still am but now 15 years later I'm making progress.  I’ve now made enough progress to actually play 18 with other people. I'm not saying I'm good and every hole had a true score (we cap it at double par) but I didn't embarrass us and I kept up with my group.

My group- thank you Denison alumna Jennifer Williams.  It wouldn't have happened without you. You asked us to join you and Joe said- we always say yes to golf at Granville.  We knew we'd be tired but the tired worked in our advantage. The earlier hour, usually Joe and I play end of day, mid day in hot sun, was lovely...even the sprinkle of rain and overcast sky worked to my advantage!! And Joe- his encouragement, coaching and even refrain from sharing his wit (only once did he say after my third stroke, "three strokes and you're with my first"- but I told him- not appropriate.

So again why do I share this as a dream- it is a golf course?  For one it is a Donald Ross course. I put it into a category that was out of my league- I did it to myself.  The club where I grew up has a Donald Ross course- I've been hearing about them for years from people that are real golfers.  And also this activity was something that didn't get my time- I was on the tennis courts, at the pool, running, working, at the zoo.... but last summer we took to the links and I'm so glad we did!

I've passed that course for more than 30 years.... my first drive into Granville to visit Denison my senior year in high school- 1986! We drove by the course.... we missed the school, turned around in front of Bryn Du. I was taken by this beautiful road where I perch my life's view now even then!  Do I believe in love at first sight.... future blog post!  Anyway last year when Peter joined the Granville Middle School golf team I followed him on the course. An intimidating task as well the rules and etiquette- I didn't want to get in the way.  What a treat...what a treat to go into the course. It is pretty from the road but oh- back in the bowl - that Donald Ross knew what he was doing!  Wow!

And then yesterday I was able to go to the back 9 and see the new holes I've been hearing about for years and even Friday night during an alumni weekend reception!  I love design and layout- I'm the kid that doodled floor plans when bored in school. To see the layout, backs of these pretty homes, the course path was something I've always wanted to do.... and that truly defines a dream doesn't it? Something you've always wanted to do...

Maybe it was a day dream but a day dream come true in my life on Newark-Granville Road and I savored, celebrated and now have blogged it!

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