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Sunday, September 4, 2016

transition and closures.....

Know me and I enjoy my Myers Briggs type indicator- MBTI.  It isn't something I've been talking about much with others but it has been in my head.  It has been a full month of work- all good. Welcoming and engaging the Class of 2020 parents has been a focus and it has gone so well.  There is still much to do but yesterday I went to work and put myself in a place of closure.  Ahhhhh  However the work isn't done, we'll transition to other tasks.  Life isn't black and white, clean sliced and my MBTI weak J is OK with it.  The addition of a work move- switching offices during a busy week is what brought the MBTI, transition and closure topic to be blog worthy.  I like to blog and post more often than I have been - the month is the reason.  Blogging gives me closure...I wanted to post photos of my new location and some fun thoughts that bubbled up around will move to the transition phase instead of the checked off the list, done, move on place.

My life on Newark-Granville Road in transition between summer and fall, August/September, growing kids, career growth and more.  However it is a holiday weekend and I'm ready to embrace the weekend and enjoy the end of one kind of summer. We're wrapping up the jump in the lake, float in the pool, take to the golf course and relax at the club time of summer- the next 24 plus hours are about doing just that with friends and family.

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