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Friday, November 25, 2016

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I do love Thanksgiving and yesterday did not disappoint. Yes, I missed my family.  I thought I was missing setting the table, basting the turkey en route of Turkey Trot but I loved what the day presented. It was a present, a gift.  Our Thanksgiving on Newark-Granville Road this year was about family and friends, being active in our lives and relaxing with family.

I love the early hours of Tgiving and my simple contributions game me my kitchen zen time.  Ahhh sniping the parsley and sage from the green house and making a stuffing. My mile run/walk/trot and talk was quite delightful.  How lovely to enjoy the most delicious bloody mary and cheer and catch-up on the side of NGR! Ann and Scott's hospitality was lovely and it was so good to gather around the ingenious harvest, beautiful harvest table as Leithausers.  We lingered and relaxed- Clare and Joe even found a nap they were so comfortable.  Our prayer was perfect and I'll try to insert here soon.  Ahh and the food did not disappoint!  The moist turkey even inspired Clare to share that she liked it and who knew the girls would love green bean casserole! But who doesn't like that American comfort food.  Peter filled his plate with everything including the scalloped oysters, making me smile.  The turkey really was delicous and no one could of been disappointed with all the selections! I find it fascinating who cooks what and loves to have what at this special dinner.

We lingered at the table and engaged and talked, caught up and just sat savoring the time together as a family.  It was the highlight of my day.  Four girls and the sister in laws, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins- quite sweet.  It brought back memories for me with great aunts and reflection on family with my mother.  The evening carried on as we brought a cousin home and watched an old movie to wrap up such a lovely day.  Yes I'm very thankful for Thanksgiving and all it represents.  Which is why it is no surprise I want to keep it going. I'm in no hooray to toss the pumpkins into the brush pile (wishing for a volunteer crop next year) or take down the Fall wreath.  I do love Christmas, Advent and the fun of shopping for loved ones...the perfect gift is a quest!

I appreciate each and every one who made this Thanksgiving so special! The volunteers for making the Turkey Trot happen, trotters for the support our food pantry and making for a festive road.  I appreciate our hosts.  I also thank my dear family for being themselves and growing up but staying connected- it matters.  I loved the texts and calls with my family and friends and the sweet Turkey emojis!  Life on Newark-Granville Road is indeed filled with gratitude and thanks for Thanksgiving.

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