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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Watching TV and why- go Lila!

What we are watching in our lives on Newark-Granville Road and Why!

I found about the show because of Facebook.  A college classmate’s daughter is a contestant on Master Chef Junior, Season 5. Maybe I do live in a bubble as I had no idea there have been four seasons before this?!  My kids knew… What fun it has been to tune in and have a connection.  I shared the news with my kids as they are HUGE fans of cooking shows. Cupcake Wars was a staple forever and it isn’t a surprise when something else cooking related is on the tv. Sally has joined me to watch Lila DeLuca and cheer her on- we’re both impressed with all the young talent!  I admit to being a bit behind in the show but will tune in tonight and catch-up later.  More about our favorite contestant, the one in the braids:

And as I’ve been watching I’ve enjoyed the host/judges.  Christina Tucci - wow, just today I found out she is the mastermind behind MumufukuMilkBar- a NY favorite place and memory!  Yes, memory- an extended work trip to see NYC through the eyes of dear friends’ daughter!  The group introduced me to this addictivly yummy dessert stop.  What fun we had saying mumufukumilkbar. I was a skeptical but one taste of cereal milk ice cream and I was all in…I even went back the 2nd day for breakfast at a 2nd location.  Take a look, find a location, order on-line and enjoy!

Bottom line all of this is about creativity, risk taking, life lessons and people!  Talented, hardworking people and young people- sharing their passions and talent!  What is not to love about that? It is also a nice way to have some down-time in our lives on Newark-Granville Road…with our foot elevated!

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