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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Getting Vitamin D, Planning a Get-A-Way and good advice on line....

The blog's purpose is all about sharing....

I love that Sally summed up "A Doug's Purpose" with the answer to the question- what is a dog's purpose- "to be in the moment".  This was the reminder that I needed too- so much goodness around me to celebrate and embrace at the time it happens.   YES I am losing patience with not driving but I do so enjoy the time with those that are caring for me with rides.  I'll know more about my progress mid-March and I'm so happy to say it is now March!  So how am I passing the time beyond work and helping as able at home:

February 24th was a lovely warm, almost hot February!  Life on Newark-Granville Road right now has limitations but I do try to make the most.  Not always and not all of the time but here was a fun silver lining to share:   Convertible Cocktail Hour!  Getting in and out of the house takes time and effort.  If we're going to have a quick turn around I stay in the car. Today it meant staying in the convertible.  And it was 5 Sally delivered my scotch and soda in glass (no plastic unless necessary) and the Granville Sentinel.  It was such a gorgeous day- almost hot.   I always say there is no bad attitude when driving with the top down in a convertible and the same goes for when seated in one with a cocktail!  Plus it gave me Vitamin D time.....I am bumping this item missing from my blood with supplements but do love the sunshine.  Calcium levels OK- bone scan results will be discussed at next doctor appointment.

Planning a Get-Away.....what do to over the kids Spring Break?  Camp drop off and pick-up- all things that give me the chance to plan a get-away which helps my morale.  I miss my work travel and until I really know I can travel I'm not booking anything.  Same goes for spring break....staycation ideas appreciated.  Love looking at Air BnB for new options at an old favorite.

As always I enjoy passing on a good resource here in the cyber world....  Joe and I talk about Clare's grit- good to see it defined with opportunities to increase/enhance in my own life.  I enjoy receiving his emails- you might as well. Denison alumnus! #denisonproud.

So that is a quick look at what is happening in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  All the more grateful to the help and support and communications- amazing what a difference a text, a card, a call can make.

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