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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Won't You Be Our Neighbor?!

Life on Newark-Granville is looking for new neighbors.  The house next door, gorgeous historic home, is for sale.  It has been empty for some time and now it is on the market.  I remember Joe visiting the Abbotts when they lived there and he said- that is the most beautiful home in Granville. The stair case, with bench seat in front of lattice work window is just one example. The park-like tree setting with great access to town makes this a very special proprety.   Know someone that wants to be in Granville and wants to invest in history and charm....share this listing please!

AND a beautiful, practical (says the woman not liking stairs leading into her house) brick ranch around the corner is also for sale.  Joe and I love this clean lined, beautiful floor plan home that has been so well cared for by fabulous neighbors!   Great street, same great access to town! 

It isn't us, it isn't the cows- we rarely smell the country perfume by the way.  I'm embracing the opportunity to welcome new friends into our lives on Newark-Granville Road.  Thanks for helping us find great neighbors.

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