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Friday, March 17, 2017

You don't know what you have until it is gone, or out of reach.....

Figure eight moments- another time in my life to exemplify my perspective that life is a series of figure eights, not just circles.  Figure eights are circles of course- touching, overlapping. Just as an ice skater moves over this pattern without replicating the exact course, no two journeys are the same.  Often our patterns are similar but not identical.  And this is how it has been for me with time in a boot, not using one leg, on crutches.
I’ve been working but in different place.  Wednesday morning, I returned to my office on the 2nd floor of Beth Eden. I sat with tears (and I have not cried much the past seven almost eight weeks) with my mind racing in reflection: what ifs, ah-has and reminders and ideas.  I can’t just have the results of neuron stimulation reside in my brain- they must come out; they must do good.  Yes, my true extrovert behavior takes action.
Sunshine- oh how I’ve missed you.  The 2nd floor office affords me a beautiful view but most important, what I had not thought about until it was missing- the sunshine as a direct companion.  I’ve also learned I am deficient in Vitamin D- even more reason to crave the sunlight.
It was as if time stopped- the calendar on the wall had not moved- it was left on January.  I returned on March 15th.  I left my office on a Monday evening with every plan of returning the next day. I left with piles on my desk, organized with projects for the week in the queue and have not returned. A fall down the stairs, a ride in an ambulance, an x-ray to confirm two broken bones that led to surgery- put me in the downstairs office and working from my couch.  It felt so good to return.
Moving, changing spaces- I’ve resided in four spaces to do my work on campus since returning to Denison as my employer almost two years ago.  The moves are so healthy.  This too is a figure eight movement. Think of the center as work, and where I do the work as the loop of the eights.  Go back further in time and my work in Beth Eden as a tour guide and senior interviewer showcases another journey on a similar but different path.  Enough about figure eights, lessons to share during this time:

-disability insurance- number one!  We all should have it.  Don’t have it?  I have someone for you to talk with to understand why. Then I suggest you research getting it.  I think I’m still in the age where we’re most likely to become disabled than to die.  As we plan for life insurance, what about disability insurance?  Close to home right now- we made due, I didn’t miss work but what if…. I shudder thinking about this.

-planning your day- can someone sit down at your desk and do your job, pick up your work and bring it to you?  I joke about the beer truck taking me out, a friend would joke about winning the lottery- what about a fall with a broken ankle?  We work with talented folks that could carry on and make due- we should make it as easy as possible.  It also helps us pick up productivity day to day.

-clutter- what can we do without?  I’ll be pitching more things that I have not needed these last few weeks.

-take time to appreciation and in your own way step away and look with refreshed eyes. 

-art- I’ve so missed my art!  And the spirit of the artists. I intentionally brought art to this work space that inspires me, comforts me. Landscapes, florals, mountains, sea. Some gifts from others providing deep gratitude and the gift of memories. Some gifts to myself connected with my children’s presentations. Various mediums now appreciated- the felted landscape of Chris Lang has particularly touched me this morning and Jane Heller’s colleague.  I love to explore the “why” but will save that for another day, another blog.

There is more to share and reflect, such as more about the people I’ve missed and now will miss. For now, I’ve channeled the swirl of emotion into a vessel for others to sail and to carry me further another day.  Life on Newark-Granville Road one of the figure eights of my life within my work life, thanks for reading and traveling this part of the journey.

** Update on the ankle- I'm now able to put weight on the boot.  I'm in the boot for six more weeks. I can drive by taking my boot off in the car, putting on a shoe.  Then I put the boot back on to go places. I've started PT and will do this for eight plus weeks to get me back in full form.  Every day I make progress and become more mobile!

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