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Friday, January 11, 2013

find your color!

So I'm in the camp of....if it is going to be cold- let it snow! I'm also of the opinion if it is January- it should be cold.  I'm a bit sad to see the snow going away today.  I love the white, the bright, the reflection, the shadows.  I know it is messy but if you know me you know I can deal with messy- not all of the time.  So I get it - when the snow is dirty and icky it is time to wash it away. We know another snow will come, the sun will come out- it won't be Ohio Gray forever.

I had to declare no shorts day- no shorts month!  I'd prefer not to send my children to school or be seen in public with my kids and husband who asked too in shorts right now.  Peter was ready to head out the door in shorts yesterday???  Because the forecast was for warmer temperatures.  I said- I'm not raising college kids in this house at this time.    Just a little peak into the nitty gritty in life on Newark-Granville Road.

So as I was driving home home from exercise today- GREAT spinning class at The LC YMCA- thanks Hugh- I was a bit bummed it was going to be an Ohio Gray day.  (Hmmm- that could be a great nail polish.  My friend Megan- have I blogged about her yet- has an awesome new salon in KC area one of her nail colors is Slayter Hall!!) Sorry- tangent.....I sit down to do a quick comment on the blog and my home page is the Denison site and this the front story is the video of Christian Faur's amazing work!! It was just what I needed!! What he does with color and innovation, art, history and science.  I'm ready to go!  Thank you Christian and Denison Den and Communication folks- perfect timing.  I encourage all of you to take a look and learn more about Christian's art!  On the right of my blog there is a link to the Denison Den- click on the "find your color" and watch the video!!  In the mean time life on Newark-Granville road today is about finding the rain boots- will it be the pink or black hounds tooth today?

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