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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

had a great "day on" on Monday!

Feed the Dream recruited volunteers for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day food drive as a "day on" instead of a "day off" and we accepted that notion on Newark-Granville Road!  Joe and I were both working but our wonderful new Nanny spent the day with the kids.  A trip to the Works for learning and play with Sally understanding more about the science of cleaning and having a green home during Girl Scout day activities!!   We wrapped up the day with helping out at the Feed the Dream food drive in the IGA parking lot!  I'm proud of our efforts and thrilled with their results of over 43 tons of food or food buying power!! Woo Hoo!  THANK YOU to all that participated,donated, volunteered, encouraged.  The Minton family leads and an amazing an inspiring effort!!

So what made our hour in the cold so engaging? Of course the opportunity to serve for something worthy, great people to meet and see in action- Dr. Woodyard, Mormon volunteers, the Scholtens, Charlie Hansen of the Granville Library- and the chance to be part of the overall  effort and other volunteers.  However you need to know that the hour was fun too!  The girls loved the tasks that made the hour fly!  They made up boxes and moved them to the St. Vincent De Paul truck- learning about distributing and processing of collected food.  They were given the challenage in competition form- to shop for as many items as possible with $5 to understand the buying power.  Clare and Sally read the instructions, applied lessons from earlier effort (Clare volunteered twice that day) and came out the winner with 24 raman noodles thanks to the $1 donation Clare received when explaining her purpose in the store! We unloaded cars, answered questions for the radio interview, picked up trash the wind blew and helped execute the dream of some very good people who travel Newark-Granville Road and make our lives and community all the richer.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Feed the dream...this is such a powerful name for such a human cause...very few people really know how many people go hungry here in Licking county. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart