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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Learning while figure eighting.....

Yes I believe "figure-eighting" is a verb.  Today I had intentional or apparent figure eight experiences.  The first was simply walking in figure eights on the beautiful snow covered Bryn Du Lawn.  I notice when I take Griffey up there to run he sprints in figure eight patterns and it makes me smile.  Today the untouched snow-covered lawn called to me and instead of getting down and making snow angels (another beloved winter activity- sally is our snow angel) I walked in figure eight patterns. The air and space was crisp, clean, fresh.  The activity was lovely.  I didn't solve any world problems. I reflected on some thoughts of the weekend and enjoyed the beautiful moment in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

My second "figure eight" experience was the connection with Camp Alleghany for Girls!  The kids and I had the pleasure to attend a recruiting meeting in Dublin.  This gave Clare a chance to meet some current campers and me the opportunity to see a woman who was a camper and counselor for Allegheny.  We figured out we were not at camp at the same time- different sessions.  I can say we are connected as our positive experiences are aligned and our desire to connect others and our daughters to what camp Allegheny offers.  And of course with the small world of Newark-Granville Road we share a mutual friend.  I also had my brain tickled with memories of those two years on the Greenbrier river.

It was also a delight to see Elizabeth Dawson Shreckhise today.  She is the assistant director of the camp, the grand-daughter of the beloved Cooper Dawson, the director when I was a Ghany Camper.  Elizabeth gave us a tour two summers ago and was lovely. For me it was a chance to go back in time, connect with something that was a good memory and share it with my family.  I thought it would be nice for Clare to attend this camp but didn't put too much energy into the idea.  Clare asked this year to go to this camp and Joe and I agreed to it primarily because our "gut" said it was a good idea.  We didn't over analyse - we felt the opportunity to meet new people, live in this beautiful environment in the summer made sense. I left today's gathering after learning more about "why" Allegheny offers what it does I'm all the more pleased with our decision.  When recapping it with my father (parents visiting!!) I said we'd be sending Clare "away" to camp- he quickly corrected me and said- we were sending her "to" camp.  He couldn't be more right!

I'm always happy to find a good blog to read and tonight after a conversation with Elizabeth about blogs, this social media/electronic world (and how camp allows us to step away from that1!) I read Elizabeth's most recent post.  I'm impressed and pleased and hope you'll consider reading this blog entry as well!  It could make for some great conversation that connects to my many roles in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  Elizabeth's Blog is:

So here is to the beauty of figure eights and the learning that occurs as we come and go from various places and people on our journeys!  I look forward to sharing more "why" on these subjects and engaging with you.  Thanks for reading.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I tried to go to your connection ...but I failed. I love the figure eights simple and yet so true. Have a wonderful week...Clare will learn so much this year...thanks to some pretty great parents. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart