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Sunday, January 6, 2013

with a family of five!

So my favorite line so far from the day- Sally's birthday- is her sharing with several people - "this is the day we became a family of five!" Sally knows we're a family of five not just because she can count.  We honored it- or Joe did- with my "sally ring".  I'm a lucky gal and I know it.  Joe is the best date, husband, dad, friend, partner I could have.  I'm posting a photo of us instead of Sally as we're big believers in our marriage being a key part to the success of our kids happiness and upbringing. We love our date nights and making sure we make our time a priority.  It has to all be kept in balance and can't be all us- kids need their time- but so does our marraige! This is the way we started when we had Clare and I think we've done a good job 12 years later maintaining that commitment.  We know our marriage is far from perfect and I'm really far from the perfect wife and as good as he is he isn't perfect either- but it is good.

So my Sally ring!  I have to say he was inspired by Dad- another great partner, husband, father, friend to my Mom.  One of my Dad's best lines he would share often while hugging and giving my mom a big kiss is "The best gift a father can give his kids, is to love their mother."  It was a model I liked and am happy to say I've found in my own life.  My Dad gave my mom a ring for each baby.  My ring- the Susan ring is gold leaves/pedals with a polished green stone- very 60-70s and very cool.  Mom wears it a good bit and it makes me happy.  Joe did this with all 3 of our kids and I LOVE IT!  The kids all know their rings and love them too.  Each ring has it's own fun story and Sally's is the sterling silver rolling ring of 5 bands- because "we became a family of five".

As we celebrate Sally and her birth day today- I'm proud and pleased because she truly does love her family.  The third child is a special one.  Neither Joe nor I are the third (we're from 3 but not third) and we talk about how to raise the third one well.  What I love is how Sally wants to include her sibling in her birthday experiences and how she honors the day for our family, not just herself!

Life on Newark-Granville Road is particularly happy today as we celebrate this special birthday- 8! Lots of other good things have happened, it has been full.  It is ephiphany, church was fullfilling and supportive, the Works and friends/family gave us a good outing with lessons for our girls (thank you Mary Helen) I love the number 8 and the simple of infinity and the motion of figure eights.  Life on Newark GRanville Road is exactly that- the figure eight of things coming and going, circling and returning, being in a pattern and motion and it is good and what we need!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I had tears in my eyes when I finished this particular post. You and Joe are a very special couple and your focus on your marriage and date a gift you continue to give each other and your three shining stars. God bless and keep you all...the upcoming trip is an amazing gift to your hearts. I wish you continued peace and thank you for supporting your local artist! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart...aka Art Lady!!!