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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saying No.....

Watched a father in action in December -a wise man.  His DARLING daughter was in the gear shop @ The Works asking for most things she saw.  He explained she was just trying to accumulate and hadn't learned how to just ask for what she wanted. He provided her with an example- earlier in the week she asked for a smoothie- she didn't like it and didn't drink it.

My own real life example was Sally.  She too often asks for many things when visiting what I believe may be the best place to shop in Licking County next to the local book store- and may be the best gift shops we have something for EVERYONE and it is made locally and supports a great education/community cause- the store is the same above- The Works' Gear Shop.

Anyway- I say no a good bit when Sally is in there.  Sally was with me while I was working and was paid to do a small task.  She took her $3 compensation immediately to the gift shop on her own- she came back VERY pleased with her purchase!! It was indeed one of the items she asked me for earlier in the week.  I asked her if she also bought the candy she had been wanting- she said no- she wanted to save the remaining dollar.  Proud mother moment for sure!  We have to say no to our kids- it is our job as parents and I'm grateful for the wise father who helped me remember why and how it is fun to say yes and how meaningful it can be!  I said yes- you may go shop and Sally taught me a lesson!!!

I had a similar conversation with some friends- about self discipline, how to raise children with discipline- not an easy task in this world!! I appreciate and value the friends- like the father above and family that help one another to make our life on Newark-Granville road worthwhile.  Wishing you a Happy New Year filed with understanding and reward of getting what you really need and deserve and that brings you happiness.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are on the right path... our children are sometimes testing us as parents or grand parents...they want to know we can be there to guide them. Sally did earn her three dollars and made her selection plus saved one dollar. Have a great night. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart