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Monday, January 14, 2013

is always an adventure....

It is always nice to have the message I need presented at church. And I'm fortunate the message is delivered beyond just a good sermon.  Our Sunday school classes help bring the point home, allow me to extrovert, discuss, share with others and this is what I value so very much. The multi-generational perspectives that help me keep things in perspective.

So last week we were challenged to think about the adventure of the magi- the adventure. And it went further, much further with a poem by TS Elliot, the reality of change, life and it for yourself please-  Yesterday in Sunday School we discussed it, our feelings, our thoughts and I'm grateful.

I was pleased to be reminded that our adventure to Africa is coming up soon.  And it is going to be much harder than we anticipate and it will change us.  The kids think it is just going to be big fun- they have no idea.  It will fascinating to observe and experience this journey for so many reasons.  Yesterday I was reminded that adventures and the change they bring don't have to require travel. They happen with books, contemplation, jobs and life's great challenges of illness and death and of course life's great joys.

 I also needed the message as I look forward to "   Tuesday, Jan 15th meeting- this Tuesday at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Newark!  this is an amazing group of women led by inspiring women doing good work- spreading the word and funding things in an  exponential way!!  (Join me please!!)  There are so many good causes, what if my name is picked- what do I support and advocate for with the amazing opportunity?  It came to me as I contemplated our discussion from class yesterday.  And know that was one of the shared lessons- time plays such a role in our adventures and what we gain from them.

Last night we lost power, again- life on Newark-Granville is like can have your path and plan laid out and organized and then wham- the lights go out for no easily understood reason. Friends adapt with you and help you figure it out, past experience kicks in to light the way and a mini adventure in your own home is part of the fun.  Wishing you healthy and good adventures- thanks for reading and sharing mine on Newark-Granville Road.

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