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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wow it has been quite some time since I posted! However I understand why...CBF!! I posted much about it and it didn't disappoint.  If you're a Facebooker you saw all my appreciation posts.  I am so grateful for every volunteer, donor, attendee, staff person and family member that made it one of the most successful yet!  It warms me deeply to see this event succeed for many many reasons.

It also exhausted me!  Working the many weekends now that we're open on Sundays and fretting and thinking and organizing the event with many other things takes it's toll. So no wonder I haven't had the energy to share and blog and type and write....but all is well- no worries.

However I am without a phone!  I'm feeling a bit disconnected and missing my easy access to sitters, spouse, family and friends.  I'm the one when I leave the office that says and I mean it- call me on my cell if needed.  I often add my cell to my emails to people and I want them to reach out.  So guess what- if you have reached out via cell or text I haven't gotten it and I'm sorry.  We try to get to our land line messages but we're not the best at that either. (Side bar- I won't give up my land line.  10 years ago Joe asked me too and I said now- I had to come up with an argument to keep it.  The "I want to be found" worked- I've lived many places and I want friends if passing through, visiting Denison want to look us up- the land line is basic.  Emergency info and access is another!! The past few days with no cell keeps the debate on my side!!

So I admit it is good for me to be without a phone.  I realize how I use it, when it is a distraction and how I value things like GPS to find a church and my lack of preparation. It makes me slow down my pace and accept that things don't have to and can't always happen immediately.  I do worry about what the cell phone age is creating in this next generation and will apply this lesson to our children's education on our home on Newark-Granville Road.

So an ah-ha today for me was again why I so enjoy these kids basketball games and this season!  Here is my why!!  The gym has become my slow down and focus on my family (the team, friends' kids, other teams' friends kids, our community, the kids schools spaces family).  I don't work when I'm at the gym.  I don't interact that much with others I tend to find my spot and take it all in...Clare, Peter and Sally are doing great with ball and so are their teammates.  They've all grown so much- their confidence, skills, athletic ability, cardiovascular growth, sportsmanship, team work- it is all there.  I love how we're often there as a family. Joe's coaching and care and passion.  His fellow coaches' support and care and passion.  I admit I will be sad to see it end. I'm excited about our spring sports but I'm grateful for my gym time on Newark-Granville Road this year.

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