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Friday, February 1, 2013

inspiring lessons...

At the LCGH (hashtag for Licking County Chamber's Ground Hog Breakfast held at 6 am today.....we had many inspiring are a few highlights with whys.....

1. Archie Griffin- 2nd part of his speech- passionate man with great delivery and stories-we laughed and were touched.  The big take away for me was what sport participation teaches:  drive to win, getting up when you are knocked down.  This is important.  We remember so well the first 5K we did as a family.  Joe ran over Clare with the jogging stroller...she didn't miss a beat- got back up- we love her moxy and determination to finish....she has the determination to win and keep trying...I've talked about this before.  He used the three D words of "Desire.Dedication. Determination." inspiring life lessons.   When I think about people I admire and who have helped me- sure enough these 3 words are right there.  We all know I can get frustrated with Life on Newark-Granville Roads percentage of time with sports teams....but today I was reminded of the value.

2.  Paddy Kutz received the Alford Service Award! I LOVED her acceptance speech. I love Paddy. I love how dedicated she is and she said it- I love how intentional she is.  I love how she writes real notes...I received one early in my tenure at The Works and was touched and inspired then.  She has made a true difference in this community with individuals and the whole perspective on Mental Health and I'm grateful and inspired.

3. Economic Forecast- great folks were interviewed and all had awesome things to share to inspire us to stay active with Licking County to help it GROW!!  We need to buy local- don't buy the store brand ice cream- support VELVET- I love the local movement and supporting entrepreneurs.  David Trautman did a great job with Park National Bank's interview.  We learned that Kaisier Alumninum is in every plane flying- woo hoo- how cool is that! Kaiser is part of that amazing effort out on 79- Hebron/Heath/79 Corridor!!  Dan Evers- our new Economic Development Director- keep up the great work and friendship to your new community- thank you!!

4. Everyone that attended and said hello,Rick Platt and the Port Authority- hosting us at their table, the sponsors, the committee and the staff of the Chamber.  It was wonderful to be wit this mass of people committed to our community which is my life on Newark-Granville is all the richer because of the inspiring things shared today!

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