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Thursday, February 21, 2013

STEMfest- SUNDAY 12-4 Don't miss!!!

STEMfest at the Works is.....Clare's favorite event of the year @ The Works!
Lead Sponsor this year is TIME WARNER- come just to see how they engage our kids- DO THE MATH - at Media day they had kids hooking up cables- very cool! 28 other companies and groups will  show our kids the value of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in fun and creative ways.  We've got robotics groups too- the Dublin Incredibots are joining the Pirates of Lego Storm!  Puzzles- sooo much fun and learning- financial lessons too!!  This is an event like no other!! We also get the chance to cheer and observe the smart, creative, bright teams from all over the county and beyond competing in 3 awesome challenges: home energy, tooth pick bridges and the polymer recycled material boats!!!

This event is for ALL AGES!!! Come for 30 minutes, Come for 4 hours- you won't regret the time you invest in exercising your brain, your families' brains and planting seeds that will will enhance their futures!!  hmmm- I'm all about figure eights and I can see one day a friend's child telling me how participating in LMH's surgery scope exercise or packaging engineer after building the cool corrugated object PCA will bring- what will it be this year- always a highlight...or learning about the material that is in every plane flying in the US- thank you Kaiser Aluminum for doing excursions

Life on Newark-Granville Road is rich because we seize the day, we embrace what is provided and sooo much is provided and Sunday is one of those days we hope you will share with us!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am bringing a young man over ...he is so deserving in so many ways and needs TLC. Branson warms my heart as he struggles to make it through his week of school. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart