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Monday, February 11, 2013

I love a good blog and here is a great one! Thank you to Ann Leithauser- my kids' aunt, my daughter's god mother and my other children's godfamily (kids came up with that one to describe anyone related to god parents in any way shape or form!!)  By the way- Ann is in the photo to the right with me enjoying a yummy Granville Brewing Co beverage!

The author- Juilianna Miner - identifies many thing I've considered, thought about and agree with in many ways. If I had to add one other thing it would be to learn to roll with things- I do that OK in some places and not so well in others.  I love the quote "sit loosely in the saddle of life" it has served me well these 3 years I've taken it as a type of mantra.  Life on Newark-Granville road is lovely and I hope all of us embrace it and appreciate it as outlined in this Miner's wonderful lessons.

I also would that not to worry about "getting caught up" this ties to the "sit loosely" point.  When we're in a hurry or stressed about the piles or lists it doesn't help and keeps us from seeing the point of our efforts, enjoying what is in front of us.  I encourage all of us to stop and smell the roses, be in the moment of the path you are on and headed.  Don't get me wrong I'm all about crossing things off, keeping order, having a plan but another favorite quote of my Dad's is Oscar Wilde's- "everything in moderation, including moderation!"  I asked a board member whom I admire and has a significant position in the community for advice when I started my job.  I was worried about the work load of my role and how to get it all done...he smiled and said- job security- just keep working.  That is what we tell the kids- progress- just keep working.  We're working hard and playing hard all in moderation on Newark-Granville Road.

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