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Monday, February 18, 2013

With Help from our Friends!

Just a quick blog update to say thank you for the assistance!  Many of you have made great suggestions to help us with childcare and encourage this weekend!! We're figuring out next steps and needs, and moving down the path to keep us all progressing!  That is what we tell the kids- as long as we are making progress, communicating, working hard and happy- we're doing well!  A few reasons why  things are feeling better:

1. Visit from the Bermans!! Dear high school friend came to town with her family- woo hoo!!! Nothing like a great catch-up in person, kids playing with kids, kids really liking one another!!! They connected today at COSI with sitters and hearing my kids tell the fun of continued fun learning with their new friends warms my heart!  The Bermans are cool, talented and fun to be with- Joe and I always value time together.  They were in town for the Pizza and Ice Cream convention.  Entrepreneurs, creative, innovative- need to get them to The Works some day- they'll love it!! Hearing first hand about Sandy's damage to their life on LBI keeps life in perspective too.  We'll all want to support local efforts as rebuilding from Sandy continues!

2. Dinner out!  La Playa - 161 and Cleveland Ave in Columbus.  It was just what I needed!! Dinner club friends- we've been going strong for around 12 years I think- wow!  It was so nice to order from a menu or actually the chef's specials that included veal which is a favorite of mine....and in an intimate atmosphere and enjoy time with friends!!

3.Work with family!  It was good to having the girls with me yesterday during the special art event celebrating all of the artist, but in particular Lisa Kelleher's photography with Mary Helen Fernandez-Stuart's quilts.  To make it all the more special we served Velvet's ice cream - to mark their awesome new packaging!! It was just good energy and good energy equals a good life on Newark-Granville Road.  Friends connections to this made it all the sweeter and happier.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I agree we all nee our family and friends to support one succeeds alone. I especially want to thank Clare for scooping the delicious ice cream and treats for the children who came. I am praying very hard for Myles and John...the shock is beginning to really set in ....I search for the words but it is difficult to find the words I know they need. Ken put a vireo...less that 5 minutes...and I tried very hard to include everyone and there guest artists who are in the exhibit is dedicated to Lisa. Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart