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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat....

I'm all about life lessons but they certainly can smart- even for us parents/ grown-ups!  The lesson we learn quickly as parents- be careful that when you punish your kids you don't punish yourself.  I wasn't thinking it would tie so closely for the kids' wins and losses.   Saturday's basketball losses (yes both Clare and Peter lost in their semi-final end of season Granville Rec tournament games.)  were hard for me too.  Even though the games were amazing- close, thrilling and with valiant gritty efforts by both kids it was agonizing to see their hurt and disappointment. Even though I was happy for the other team's success- some dear friends and kids I've watched grow up and see their growth and happiness is good I'm human and competitive and want to win.  It is also hard for me to say farewell to the season I've really enjoyed selfishly and as a mother watching the growth and friendships and lessons that have prevailed.  The good news is we are all pretty resilient over here on Newark-Granville Road and we're bouncing back, embracing the success and positive effects of an awesome season and opportunity.  We're moving on to the next and exciting learning opportunity and Sunday gave us exactly that with STEMfest....and the same lessons continued there.

GREAT article in today's Advocate about STEMfest- great article Saturday too!!

I did speak to this reporter and he did a wonderful job what The Works is all about....he didn't have the results to share in this article but I can tell you....the brother sister high school team with the pontoon design for the polymer problem- went on to win. They deserved it- they were articulate, poised, prepared.  However the other teams were too and I knew one of the other students and wanted him to win...not that I didn't want this dynamic duo from Johnstown not to win.  Same went for Works volunteers and friends- one's presentation board was amazing but his bridge just didn't hold the weight and meet the other criteria as well.  I honestly felt that same pang of agony and disappointment for some of these kids as I did on Saturday in that gym!!! I hope these kids were able to embrace the positive and take pride in their preparation, participation and good efforts.  Not everyone can win- there was lots of great sportsmanship and I loved seeing it in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math field!! BIG thanks to the teachers, parents, industry leaders that made something like STEMfest happen and allowed our community to feel the thrill of victory.

Life on Newark-Granville Road has its fair share of wins and losses and we're grateful for the lessons they teach us all.  Thanks for reading.

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