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Monday, June 16, 2014

on a Monday….

Monday-Monday….doo doo….a lovely Monday indeed. Here is how my Monday has gone in my life this June 16th in the year 2014.  I woke up after a great night's sleep. One of the things I LOVE about summer is outdoor time and windows open- I sleep the best that way. Baseball game, pool time, screened in porch dinner- lots of great outdoor time this weekend. However I wake up around 5ish and start to worry-all the to-dos go through my head.  Don't worry about me- it isn't an ulcer or rapid breathing kind of panic- just my brain doing what my brain does- thinks, plans, anticipates. Instead of getting up to go exercise (not really likely with the ankle anyway) I try to go back to sleep. This works a bit, sometimes I remember to do a mediation/prayer thing and that is good.  Usually the best strategy is to talk to Joe about it, his cuddle and reassurance is to keeping things moving in the positive direction.

Joe is the hero on NGR (newark-granville road) he walks the dog, makes Peter's lunch and today he had my coffee waiting in my car for me.  With the crutches carrying the coffee to the car is a challenge. Joe left early today and the extra steps helped us get where we needed to go.  3 kids 3 different directions, everyone needing a ride at 9 am…..sooooo I took Clare to Cross Country summer running  (awesome group of kids, casual and so productive- great way to taste CC, stay in shape, get in shape, get the wiggles out….Peter is doing this too when not at camp, let me know if you want details- MS/HS) I ran home- parked in the front yard for limited steps and a quick breakfast and kidsitter check-in/schedule review.  She was getting Sally up for swim team. Then I took Peter to Coach Ghiloni's Basketball Camp at Denison- we love this camp.  I enjoyed seeing some other parents at drop off and Peter comfort with the coaches/students.  Sally was picked up by friends (yay!!) so sitter could pick up Clare.  I went on to work.

I love Mondays at work as we plan. One of my favorite meetings is our calendar/ prioritizing pow-wow.  And yes I'm at work on Mondays even thought the museum is closed- we're there- we will answer the phone- I'm ext 234- you may push the extension when you hear the recording.  We reviewed this with a beloved volunteer today.  After the meeting I jumped right into to work and was quite successful. We're having our HATSOFF invitation stuffing on Thursday and all sorts of great volunteers will be on hand to assist! I think Monday mornings are great days to call volunteers-98% were home!

I won't bore you with all the nitty gritty details of the day but I type in a happy mood thanks to crossing many things of the to-do list, time with good people doing good things in this wonderful community. I'm sitting with my foot-up resting under a cool fan. No AC right now in this house- we're working on that connection to the sewer project!  Great to have all 3 kids under one roof (a Jeanne Stoner preference) and interacting with their Mama. I hope your week is off to a good start and the rain provides what you need- the new grass in our front yard is grateful and an evening of no activities is just fine with me.

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