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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The busiest week of the year….from the back seat.

I've spent more time lately watching life on Newark-Granville Road go by…..this is the week I usually go from point a-b-c-back to with a whole bunch of planning, teamwork to make it work. I'm sad we're not at VBS but I'm enjoying hearing all about others engaged! Tonight is the first swim meet and it is unfortunate I can't be with Sally but I'll get the scoop and be there next week.  I'm grateful to Joe, the kids, the sitters and our friends making sure the kids still get to a-b and c and back home.

I'm sorry I'll miss the Granville Art and Wine Festival down the street on Newark-Granville Road- this is always excellent and the stories are wonderful.  I always pick up something special at Pearly Vine- the cute clothes with patterned cuffs, collars, neat colorful scarves and accessories!!  I'm looking at a favorite piece of art I picked up from Kathy Anderson a few years ago too- supporting local artist is sooo important- take the time to support Granville Rotary and these artist this weekend!!  For all the details!!

What I won't miss is the first MUSIC IN THE COURTYARD!!!! YAY!!! Extra special this year- Grow Up Great Mobile Learning Unit!! Very cool opportunity for kids 6 and under to engage in fun career dreaming, inspiring ways…..10:30-2:30 at The Works!! Music in the Courtyard is 11:30-1:30 with glass sale, yummy food, or picnic spot and great live music…plus Velvet Ice Cream.  It is a favorite of mine but only as good as the crowd- so please join us!  Members of The Works receive a gift too!! Bonus to our lives on Newark-Granville Road!

Life on Newark-Granville Road has a great view from the sidelines, backseat, or couch as I type.  The lawnmowers sounds wonderful it is really feeling like summer.

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