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Friday, June 6, 2014

wrapping up a great week because…….

1. Charm bracelets are back and the girls are so happy! They were so sweet looking at them, sharing the why they have what they have, thrilled to be able to wear it- we added links to Clare's. Pugh's Designer Jewelry does an awesome job for us!! I love the photo not only as it brings back memories and makes me smile but when you dig in to you see what we're wearing- I love my girl time with my girls!

2. WEATHER- what fantastic weather- couldn't be more gorgeous!!

3. I'm toughing up….Tuesday was a tough day but it has been uphill ever since.

4. GREAT work week- really good! Productive, positive, and fun- Wednesday's Member only event to the theme of Rhinehart Scheidler was awesome- big thanks to co-workers, volunteers and most importantly MEMBERS!!!! Really happy with our newest member Tiffany and intern Taylor!

5. Newark-Granville road no longer has a moat, a rock garden or grooves from backhoe- yes the Sewer Tap project is making more progress!!! IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF HELP WITH THIS KIND OF PROJECT- let me know- I wish I had someone to help me through this!!

6. The kids are doing great and so are our sitters!!!  Math homework, reading, games, strawberry picking, to-dos - camp, swim team, supply shopping- all happened and I'm so pleased!!

7. Yummy meals- good place!

8. Special plans- we celebrate niece Alicia's graduation from High School tomorrow!!

9. Lax and Baseball- kids are happiest playing their thing and Sally and Peter take to the fields!

10. And best of all good news about dear friend's brain recovery- woo hoo!!

There are so many things to be grateful for on Newark-Granville Road- my life has ups and downs but it all comes around to the positive!

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