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Sunday, June 29, 2014

a trip below the Mason-Dixon Line…...

I'll share the why, the photos and the details soon…for now know I've strayed back to my homeland for 24 plus hours and am back…..I delivered Clare to Camp Alleghany for Girls in Lewisburg, WVA and am better for it.  WHY?

I got out of town….it is sooooo important to do this.  There were many many things I wanted to do this weekend in Granville/ licking county….but duty called and plans were made so I went.

I love the South!  the manners of the south, the vegetation- zone X- the laurel, rhodies, grass- it is lush….

The mountans…West Virginia…Mountain Mama…Country Roads…take me home…Mom and I sat and listened to this beloved tune….coincidence I think not…..

Girl time!!! Mom, Sarah, Louis, Clare…yes key Stoner girls missing…next time!! I loved being with the girls….

I deserved this, I needed this….I know how to care for myself and with this darn broken ankle I needed  the luxury and TLC that my sister, mom and The Greenbrier delivery.  The bed alone was the best care for my ankle….

More later but know I'm very pleased with the care under the MDL could provide, straying from Newark-Granville Road is important. I'm happy to be home too!

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