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Monday, June 2, 2014

theory and reality of school summer vacation.

Those that spend time with me know I love to do the "theory and reality" comparison/conversation. And I use my hands- can you see it- me standing and making a gesture with my left hand doing a counter clockwise movement from 3 to 9, stopping at 9 with palm up saying "there is theory and then there is"…I pause while moving right hand from 9 to 3 clockwise….stopping at 3 saying…"then there is reality"

I do this at work, when volunteering…hmm I wonder if I do it at home? Do my kids know this Susanism?  Do my kids know the advice I love to use at work- theory and reality? start with the end in mind? Focus on the positive- oh yes they know that one!!!

So here are my thoughts about summer vacation.  It is the 1st day and looks like we survived. I'm crossing fingers and toes, saying a prayer and hoping sooo much by typing this I'm not cursing myself…hoping the Summer Sitter comes back tomorrow!

In theory- things I love about summer:

-kids get to play, be outside, so do we- more outside time!
-pool time- I love to swim and my kids do too- any pool will do too- or lake or creek! I'm partial to MCC and FHCC- where we know there will be friends and help.
-break from the must-dos- school
-summer means vacation time with family- OBX here we come!!!
-baseball- Leithausers love baseball
-grilling out, eating out- it all tastes better outside!!
-nature in a beautiful state- flowers, grass, trees
-going barefoot  and flip flops
-summer cocktails- tonic means summer to me!

In reality about these things in summer:
-due to working- love love love my job but not being able to do all of the above all the time is hard.
-paying someone else to do what I want to be doing- that said- let me tell you it is a hard job-  I did it for 5 years- kids were younger.  I got 3 calls today from the kids for guidance on activities…3 is a great number compared to previous years!!
-at school I know they are safe, a bus picks them up and returns them at home. I get notes and progress reports.
-vacation time has to be prepared for and caught up from….
-we do love baseball but seriously there is so *)(*& of it!
-camp isn't just the old fashioned go away and play camp- we have baseball, basketball, tennis, lax, academic camps and getting the kids to them requires it's own manifesto  (and in reality I wouldn't be at the pool and playing tennis if I wasn't working I'd be driving them to camps.)
-not only do we pay a sitter/driver, we pay for these camps- I make no money in the summer….but I do love my job!  But camps keep my kids occupied and with friends- I get a big F on play dates! The other things I love about school- they see their friends!
-nothing to complain about with nature for me- other than trying to maintain it- the darn weeks are freaking me out, Joe mows and takes away from point 1 in the what I love about summer.  Kids have to mow this year!! And Joe's allergies…periomenopause seems to be having a positive effect on my allergies.
-flip flops- finding them because the kids leave them all over the place
-sundresses- need to get in better shape to truly enjoy!!

HOWEVER you all know me- I try to find the positive, my natural way….and here is what I will tell you the reality is what puts in perspective and allows me to embrace the good when I do enjoy these things in the good ole summertime!!!  I don't get all the pool time in the world anymore but when I get it I LOVE IT!  And being with my 3 is hard work but rewarding and wonderful work. I do embrace our time together- even watching a movie with Sally and Clare yesterday was lovely.
I love watching them love what they do- I may not like the fact we're not sitting down to family dinner but Peter LOVES to be on the ball field and Joe loves being there with him- and he is with friend and so are the girls. And the girls are developing their sports and staying active and I'm so proud of them for wanting to get up early and take vacation time for these camps.  The summer is worth every penny I make to put into their fun and growth and progress in new ways.   Summer offers soooo much to do we have to prioritize and make decisions- we can't do it all.

The reality is I need to "sit loosely" "ride the wave" take a dip and embrace the realities life on Newark-Granville provides. Summer gives us the very best.  It is my favorite season and what I look forward to all year. I type with my foot up under a fan windows open. I woke up to the thunder and rain setting a peaceful last few minutes of morning sleep.  Dinner in the oven delivered by a dear friend and Joe and the kids at the baseball park.  Life on Newark-Granville Road likes vacation!!

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