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Saturday, June 21, 2014

sharing day….and happy Summer Soltice!

WELCOME SUMMER!!!! I love summer and want to celebrate it! You will see lots of goodness happening tonight on my - join me for these events- part of the blog. I will not be at either event but instead be celebrating love and family at The Works. I'm very fortunate.  I also took today to post a new photo on the back. Since I didn't "throw back Thursday" this week on FB I found a favorite photo from past summers.  This one seems perfect for my blog title and today's 1st day of summer!

A few things from my life this week I want to share…..

1st- Read this blog today and loved it and knew I had to share on my blog.  Appropriate timing as I was able to attend my first swim meet of the season this week- I LOVE SWIM MEETS! This week's was harder for me due to the broken ankle but the cool things about MCC is we all help each other and I was very supported! And so were my kids- thank you MCC swim parents and swimmers and coaches. I could blog and type all day about the swim meet but won't- instead read this- very well done. Thank you Kara for sharing!!  I think I'll spend some more time on this blog- quite a few chuckles from a quick glimpse!

2nd. Finished WONDER  I loved this book! Peter is reading it for summer reading so many of you have read it or have children that have read it.   FANTASTIC Message/ messages in this book!  I read it on the i-pad/ kindle ap but I will buy this hard copy book to have and to share!

3rd. I was reminded the beauty of garden and gardening this morning. It is no wonder that I type from our sun porch with a wonderful view of our greenhouse. I'm particularly grateful to our helper Barbara for keeping things healthy and happy in there. I see a beautiful hosta with a bloom! The green and white of this particular plant is indeed so happy and calming.  I see my pink and red geraniums smiling- Emerson said "the earth laughs in flowers" I love this!  I even get a little garden love myself by deadheading begonia's next to me!!

4th and finally I write today on this summer solstice!  It is the most wonderful time of the year and so much to soak in and appreciate in a way of gratitude! So much to celebrate! I've blogged often on the 21st of June.  I recall sharing a photo of Sally in a fairy costume as an accompaniment one year. This is indeed a day and night with magic and love all around. I hope you will feel it too! I've felt it all morning as stated above and have the fortune to continue to feel it as the day is long today- life on Newark-Granville Road is blooming in many refreshing ways with the arrival of SUMMER!

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