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Monday, June 23, 2014

supporting Pelotonia

Tonight's blog comes to you in the color Green to help promote Pelotonia!  I type this so grateful for the advances in cancer treatment and research that benefit my family and friends. However we've lost too many to this disease and cure must be found and can be found! But it takes support, it takes passion and that is what Pelotonia provides!  I logged on today and supported a few riders and a volunteer. I want to financially support everyone but that isn't possible.  But I do support each and every rider and volunteer involved- thank you!!  The cool thing is there are many ways to support this cause- Joe bought Peter a bike this weekend and the proceeds went to Pelotonia!  An amazing pancake breakfast we attended raised funds for Pelotonia! These riders are getting creative and they deserve your support too! Life on Newark-Granville Road is inspired by the Pelotonia effort and results!  

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