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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

an amazing day of art, invention and the brain….

It really was an amazing day on Newark-Granville Road today.  My first notion was to post a photo I captured- they do tell a thousand words…..but I don't want to disclose too much! Frequent readers know I love my job and days like this I really love it.  I should apologize for being redundant with HATSOFF! subject matter these days, however it is fulfilling my life these days.  So here are just three very cool things that happened today……

I spent time with two incredible artists….actually four…make that seven artists. And my take away is that one is an awarded inventor with patents I believe all seven are- they create in the most inspiring ways to benefit.  We're interviewing donors on video for the Live HATSOFF! auction.  What a privilege it is to talk with these generous and talented people.  Each experience has been a delight and I'm grateful, inspired, touched, humbled. Today we interviewed two people. My first meeting was with Larry Tracewell- inventor, business man and I will say artist.  He explained that the caretta desk is functional art and I completely agree!  Take a look at the website below, read the stories- beautiful work, beautiful business- a family business that makes us all proud.  Thank you Larry for the donation to HATSOFF!  I look forward to showing you the video showcasing this wonderful donation and impressive man.

The second interview of the day was with artist Kathy Anderson.  She did a fantastic job- Kathy has been supporting the Works for a very long time. Personally Joe and I have a number of pieces in our home- 1st one purchased at Java and Jazz- benefiting Mental Health America by the way!! I've always admired Kathy's work so to be invited in to her studio was a treat.  The bonus was the opportunity to see Kathy start with a fresh canvas. She did this as part of the filming for the end product.  We interviewed Don Gunnerson and Jane Heller- amazing artists- an additional question is posed beyond the tell us about your donation- we ask the creator to talk about the process.  Kathy shared in word and action how she invents her art- I watched as a painting was created.  So I wanted to give my perspective but not give too much away……yet!

You also need to know we're working with great artistic talent with Stand Alone Media- I can't wait to see the end result.  That said I'm savoring the journey and grateful to be in the behind the scenes!! It is also gratifying to witness Chase, Garrett and Brie in action for many reasons.  They are kind and respectful, prompt, organized, efficient and fun. I've seen their end results for others so I know of the tremendous capabilities.

I also had a quick interaction with savvy volunteers- Emily Wilson, one of the HATSOFF! chairs and Kim Downs- an incredible coworker and friend- what they'll produce in the way of decorations on September 11-13 will be stunning!

The other highlight to my day was the way my brain works.  I awoke at 5:30 am concerned about two tasks I hadn't completed for HATSOFF preparation.  I admire how the brain brings these back-burned to-dos to the forefront!  I'm pleased to say I heard my brain and executed these to-dos by 9 am!  I'm grateful for a brain that organizes and assists me with event execution. It isn't an art or an invention like what I saw today but it does what it needs to do.  Life on Newark Granville Road is fascinating to me- thank you for sharing- please visit these websites to learn more about the talent I spent time with today.

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