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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hope for our Tree!

Our poor tree in our front yard on Newark-Granville Road!  We planted the tree probably four years ago- maybe three and it has been outstanding!  It has been growing tall, striving to continue the beautiful canopy on our majestic connector to west Newark.  On Monday while we were traveling back a full force wind storm came up Fairview Road and woos went the top branches of our sweet tree!  Thank you Dena for moving one out of traffic's way and opening the road.  Thank you to others alerting us and showing concern.

Good News!  The arborist thinks there is hope for dear tree- he'll trim and guide the reaming side branch to reach forward! Not sure how that happens, I'm hopeful it will be successful.  I love the quotes and comparisons to trees to share beliefs. One of my favorites is "The deeper the roots, the higher the reach"  As I look out my window the tree looks solid- think trunk, good base. We will do our best to care for our tree.

Our yard has lost many trees- a walnut fell paralell to the house along Fairview Road years ago- I learned of this checking voice mail from the road. I was driving home- Sally was a baby- and a friend had left concerned message on the answering machine.  A big tree in the back yard went into our green house 6 months after we moved in- 20001!  All wind related too- hmmmmmm…….

The good news is the 2nd little tree planted by the village tree committee is doing well. He wasn't looking as good but this summer he has perked up.  The arborist that visited was delighted to see him-he credits the village with a good choice!

Granville is a beautiful village that cares for its trees and its population.  As we move into busy times with school and activities-I'm grateful for all the care and support of all of us growing here on Newark-Granville Road.

He who plants a tree
Plants a hope.
~Lucy Larcom, “Plant a Tree”

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