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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

back to the gym…...

Here is the link to the gym- I'm back into getting exercise- woo hoo! It feels awesome.  The day I was given permission to exercise- the boot was off- I took my tour.  Maximum Fitness Center is on church street- the red building in the old car dealership buillding.  Kelly and Tom Fever with another amazing partner have opened a state of the art, clean, bright gym that will appeal to everyone- spinning, boot camp, pilates-boxing- don't remember exact name.  I'm just on the bike building strength in my ankle but it is better than nothing! And I'm enjoying the benefits of more energy and a happiness boost.  And the bonus is I get to catch up on news- each cardio machine has its own tv channels or access to the web- wow!

Tom and Kelly have also donated an amazing package to HATSOFF! on Sept 21st! a year membership, personal training and other goodies!!

life on Newark-Granville Road like to share a deal and a find and this is a good one!! Hope to see you there!

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