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Thursday, August 14, 2014

time for turkey with pirauettes!

It is that time of year…kids are going back to school, we're finding sitters, filling the calendar with cross country meets, field hockey games and we're excited for Thanksgiving!  What- turkey day you say?  Yes it is time for a traditional event we love on Thanksgiving weekend…….The COYB Nutcracker!!  Why are we thinking about a beautiful ballet performance and Tchaikovsky?!  Well this weekend are the COYB Nutcracker auditions!  All kids 8 and up are eligible! Have questions, want to know more- come to the 1 pm on Saturday, August 16 at the COYB studio- downtown Newark- on the 2nd floor above La Polma on the south side of the square!

Clare did this for two years and Sally danced last year.  We love the lessons gleaned from this experience, the friends she made from all over the county and the confidence she gained.  Life on Newark-Granville Road loves these opportunities and celebrates the wonderful opportunities Licking County offers!

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