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Monday, August 25, 2014

back to school and back to the kitchen…...

Tonight on Newark- Granville Road we had "Chipotle Mexican" which means I put boneless chicken breast in the slow cooker with salsa when I went to work- put it on low and when I came home at 5:20 I opened the lid and shredded it. I moved the temp to warm and waited until everyone was ready for dinner.

Tonight I had thought ahead so I had green peppers, onion, lettuce, sharp white cheddar cheese, beans, tomatoes and rice. I warmed the flour torritas and everyone was happy and cleaned their plates, went back for ends.  That makes me very happy!!

Clare reported that she is eating other people's desserts and wanted me to buy deserts for her to take to school.  It wasn't my mother's modus operandi so it isn't mine- I'd rather fruit be the dessert.  But if there is going to be one I'd rather it be homemade.  So I said on Sunday I'd make brownies- oops forgot.  So tonight I ran to the store to get the butter I thought we had (because there were butter boxes in the fridge) so I could follow-through on my promise. Plus I was happy to be at home and be in the kitchen. Cooking for my family is a relaxing and fulling thing- doesnt' happen as much as I'd like but when it does-I value it as do they.

While I was at the store I picked up missing ingredients for another dinner- clams sauce on linguine.  While making the brownies with Sally's help I put the clam sauce together.  Another Jeanne Stoner classic that we all devour. Reality is it is better then next day so making it ahead of time is the way to go.  It is the New York Times Cookbook recipe- simple and light.

Tomorrow at work we're having favorite dips and chips- so a store run was required as I had forgotten about this highlight of Shut-Down/ Clean-up week! I'm keeping it simple and going with my favorite Chip- the green bag- El Ranchero Tortilla Chips. They are hearty flavorful corn chips. Joe learned about them at work and we asked Ross' IGA to carry them- you can find them in the Mexican aisle but they go fast! We always buy two- three bags at a time.  My accompanying dip will be a long ago favorite- cream cheese and salsa.

So there you go- Life on Newark-Granville Road cooking stories!! I always enjoy hearing what others prepare for their families so I thought I'd share what we're up to on Newark-Granville Road!

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