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Monday, December 15, 2014

constant motion, other opportunties, what do you do to get in the Spirit?

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion….I feel like I prove this Newton Law of Motion pretty well in December!  There are so many wonderful things to take in this month, so many ways to be in the "spirit" and an endless to-do, or could do list!  I crossed a few things off the list today but feel like the water on the beach- it filling right back with other- like to dos.

Follow-up to my post about the Denison concerts- I hope readers will pay attention to happenings on campus and take part! We did not make it to the bluegrass ensemble performance which was too bad- hope to make it in February.  We did enjoy Lessons and Carols- if that doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit I don't know what will.  What fun to sing beloved carols and I lucked out with wonderful harmonies behind me!! We also took in the Women's basketball game on Saturday afternoon- know these games only ask for donations and are wonderful ways to support these young intelligent athletes!  Division III sports are fun and they all really enjoy having "townies" in the stands.  Our kids love the games and opportunity to be on Denison's beautiful campus.

We baked cookies the other day- life on Newark-Granville Road stays in motion. The butter and supplies on the counter for a full week- it was time.  I'm not the most patient baker with kids and this weekend was no different. Sally was a trooper and we produced a batch.  I've declared them raspberry chocolate chip wreathes instead of thumbprints but they are tasty.  This recipe was passed down to me by Beth Jenkins- my Granville adopted Grandmother I met at Denison.  It makes me think of those frozen raspberry yogurt with chocolate covering Popsicles I had when I was young. The flavors go very well together.  Years ago Joe asked if these could be "our Christmas" cookies.  I said yes so it is a to-do I add to the "should do, would like to, if I have time to" list.  We had a chunk of time on Saturday and we snagged it.  My mother's sand tarts are the very best Christmas cookies and it isn't Christmas until I have some of hers. One year she mailed them to me as she knew I needed them.

I hope your lives are finding the Christmas spirit.  It can be hard at this time of year.  I feel for those missing loved ones and I hold you in thought and prayer.  Believe it or not my life does allow me to slow down, even rest to think, pray and reflect on why we need these occasions and opportunities to get into the spirit.  Church on Sunday at FPC and in Swasey was a special way to reflect, pray, think and feel the spirit for me. The Spirit is all around us all year long and I'm grateful for the reminder and opportunity to celebrate on Newark-Granville Road.

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