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Monday, December 8, 2014

Signs of the times…..

What are the first things you pull out to decorate for Christmas?  Each of us have our items that help put us in the spirit here on Newark-Granville Road?  Of course it isn't just one thing, but the arrival of special memory items in layers.  Joe puts the fresh pine roping we get from the boy scouts around the outside doorways- a great sign Christmas Season is here. Bonus points he found the jingle bell wreath for the front door!  Tonight I found the red sled from his parents and skates to add to the front door scene. For me it is hanging the painted wood cheery wreath on the mailbox post  that delights me and the sure fire way to get me really in the mood- Martha's wreath! Martha is my white sequoia.

The Christmas Tree was gleaned from Messeralls on Saturday- in the rain.  There is a story but I'll wait to share.  Since we were unable to find time to partner with the Westerville Leithausers-a long standing tradition- a new tradition has been declared- share the Christmas Tree procurement story with one another when we gather for our family Christmas time together.  Instaead I will share the reason we go to Messeralls- one year Clare and I were ill so Joe and young Peter ventured out to meet the cousins to find a tree.  Sally was an infant and after two or three depending on who is telling the story-tree farms they couldn't find "the perfect tree"-for me the perfect tree is fat/wide and the kids know it. Joe was ready to give up but Peter said- no we can't, we must not go home without a tree.  One last stop on the way east found Joe, four year old Peter and a sleeping baby at Messeralls.  They left Sally sleeping in the car with the a heads-up to the family - grandmother types running the farm that she was asleep-and ventured to find a tree.  The tree they cut down and brought home was indeed the perfect tree.  We've had grand adventures ever since and love returning to the beautiful acreage and delightful family that runs the tree farm.  Anyway- this year's tree is now up, it has lights and we'll decorate on Thursday night!  It sure looks nice this way too and is pretty from the road as the tree is in the front window wishes all those that pass by on Newark-Granville Road a Merry Christmas.

Joe brought the boxes of holiday decor up weeks ago and they have been in wait. For some reason tonight was the night.  Sally and I jumped in and distributed the like items to various spots around the 1st floor.  The nutcrackers stand guard on the mantle, the Santas are on the blanket chest. The tree collection returns to the dining room that is the tree room- more evergreens in there at this time of year.  Angels and the porcelain gifted ornaments take me further into a happy holiday place.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is filled with signs of Christmas past, making Christmas present cheery and bright and creating memories we'll all carry into the Christmas future.  We're not done- the barrel of ornaments await for later in the week and there is much cleaning and clearing to do.  It is a bit crowded and cluttered right now…but what else is new in our lives on Newark-Granville Road!

Thank you for sharing your holiday signs- the tree at the entrance to Bryn Du is beautiful.  The lights at the neighbors across the street make a stunning view from our front windows looking out onto Newark-Granville Road.  The lit and decorated evergreens in town and the giant pine that was not cut down years ago with its large ball ornaments on the start of West Broadway.  Thank you to all those that have given these items that signal the joy Christmas provides for our lives on Newark-Granville Road.

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