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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome December….

I was all set to post on this blog on December 1st- Monday was December 1st and now here it is Thursday, December 4th! It has been a week filled with December traditions- tea with friends, book club dinner with book exchange and prep for the week's end!

Tomorrow will be a lovely day and I hope to see you, but it is a busy weekend and I know you all are busy busy too with December to-dos and gatherings!!  Volunteer luncheon at The Works, a new punch recipe to accompany the holiday meal!  Pearly Vine party with friends in the beautiful Abbott home-Middleton House.  Pearl Vine:  wonderful items made by Heidi Halliday Ackley '91 Denisonian!  Gifts, clothing, accessories you will adore if you like color, style and shopping you can't find any where else!  Please join us from 6-9 Friday night!

Plans have been made to find a tree, exchange gifts, gather with family and celebrate the season! The Granville Walking Tour will give us many opportunities to do just this as we prepare for Christmas and the joy it sets for the rest of the year.  Life on Newark-Granville Road engages the sights and sounds of Christmas and hopes to share it with you!

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