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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

O Christmas Card, O Christmas Card, how lovely are your pictures….

Lucky me- the past two days I've been the one to get the mail. I love love love to get the mail in December. This may be my favorite part of December- Christmas Cards!  Ya'll don't disappoint.  Your families are gorgeous. Your choice of greetings sweet and some of your are creative and innovative!  Today's giant envelope was delightful!!  Thank you to all those that have mailed us Christmas cards.  And a thank you to the electronic versions we've received too- I get it!

So where is our Christmas card you ask?  Well you all know this will be where you get your "back story"- the what was happening when we took the photo and all the other things we want to share that don't fit on 4x6 card.  You all know that one year we sent a Valentines Card and last year the card mailed after Christmas- was it a New Year's Card- nope just the Leithausers embracing their love of the 12 days of Christmas and celebrating well into the new year.  You've read every year about how we wrap it up after or on epiphany- Sally's birthday, my Ga-ga's birthday- just like my family did.

I'm happy to report Leader Printing came through once again.  We shared an idea and they made it happen.  And while I type elves are working on our cards.  We'll do our best to get them out on the 2014 schedule- by December's end!  Don't hold your breath- nothing overly creative or beautiful but it represents us well and invites you to our annual Derby Party on the first Saturday in May.

I've shared a photo with the way we're displaying our wonderful holiday greetings.  Shirley Hale made this for us years ago.  We also have a fun Santa basket filled with last year's cards.  The first addresses put on our cards our simply the ones in the basket.  Then we move on to those we go through life with on committees and carpools, coworkers and long standing pen-pals. Family sometimes makes it- oops last year I had to hand delivery my parents card.  I remember my Mom putting cards on the back of our front door- it was festive, but the tape didn't stick with weather shifts and they were always falling.  I love the creative displays folks do- one friend with the laundry line string in the kitchen- love it!  How do you display your- what do you do with yours.  Long ago I kept a photo album of the family photos. I will pick that up again and dig out some old ones to compare the kids growing up.  That was a sweet card a local family did- then and now of school age kids- one in college- love it!

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves mail and is grateful for the wishes you send our way- paper, prayer, cyber and voice.  We value your old and new friends so very much and wish you all much love, happiness, peace and joy in this special season.

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