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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrappig up 2014 by cleanning up, looking back and smiling.

Good bye Babsie.  The blue Volvo station wagon I adored has left the station, make that garage. We tried to donate her last year but it didn't happen. I'm very pleased to say it happened today- just now.  I knew this would be the blog post opening so I had to wait until it really happened! Hip Hip Hooray for Joe and those that crossed this of the list- including his mother in law's strong suggestion at Tgiving.
It is the year end of clean-up- we've made progress on the stuff, crap, s!&* from the basement.  The pitch pile by the mail box to be picked up by Big O on Friday is a little embracing. We were hoping the pickers that drive by would of taken some by now- scrap metal galore out there.   If you know any, send them our way please.  The garage now has the to be reviewed pile and at least ya'll and the neighbors can't see that.  We've cleared off the kitchen table and can eat there but were a bit snug with items that need temporary new homes- the things safely kept in plastic tubs and now the piles of files I reviewed from a discarded file cabinet.

The smiles are plentiful today.  Babsie was a great car. We found her in Hagerstown- a special edition Volov wagon that was the shape we loved and had really comfy seats. 6 cylinders-she was fun to drive back and forth to MD and on family trips.  We named her as she originally came from Texas and two women I admire living there have the name Barbara with last name B and the nick name was Babsie.  I also smile as the car goes as stated above.   In that file cabinet I found my first resume printed at Leader Printing in 1990- my senior year at Denison.   How fun years later we get our Christmas Cards printed there.  I showed Sally ultrasound photos forgotten as they were nestled in my "Sally pregnancy file"- I had forgotten my maternal maturity- over 35- took me to Riverside for more frequent ultrasounds than the other two kids.  Swim team ribbons, itinerary from Scotland trip, letter I wrote to Joe before we were married. Some of the memories dusted off aren't the most happy and putting some in the trash feels good, feels right.  I'm amazed at what the mind retains albeit buried. How fascinating what triggers retrieve unattended to thoughts and I'm grateful for all of them.

It is a good way to wrap up 2014.  Today on Newark-Granville Road we make progress that includes the past and prepares us for the future.  We're connecting with our family in special ways. Welcome 2015 and the memories we'll make, save and share.   Thank you for being part of my 2014 and happy New Year to you.

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