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Thursday, December 11, 2014

event to-dos this weekend!

I realize I've strayed from one of original intents of my blog…to share events and happenings around town and why I think you should partake.  I'm a why girl- want me to do some thing- give me the reason why.  I learn about a process, opinion- I want to know why you think, do, feel that.  Know Meyers-Briggs- my type connects to the why well.  I also like to share the why I am up to what I'm doing so you know more about me and may want to share what it is I'm up to in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  So here are some events and why I will be attending…..

I want to make sure friends know Denison has many events open to the public and we should all be paying attention to the community calendar:   Friday night- tomorrow night is the Denison Student Bluegrass Concert- 7 pm Swasey- if you like bluegrass this is not to be missed- go early for a good seat.    Sunday night- Lesson and Carols- a very special Christmas Service that is so well shared by the Denison community.  7 pm Swasey.   So more "why" go- support the students and staff making all this happen. They've worked hard and the results are wonderful. They are FREE!  You'll be touched in ways not possible by TV- this is live music and readings at a very high quality.  I guarantee you'll be glad you went.  Lots of other great concerts and happenings. I'm sorry I missed the musical Rent last weekend.

Life on Newark-Granvillle  is feeling the Christmas spirit through quality times together- these events provide these opportunities.  The 11 am First Presbyterian Church service has the Youth Choir singing as part of the service- know you are invited to this service as well.  Share with me your special events and what takes you to a joyous or reflective place during this important season.

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