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Monday, December 29, 2014

should of had that yard sale…...

For quite some time- years I'm sure- I've wanted to have a yard sale. The inception of the idea- the basement.  Well today after removing almost everything in the basement due to flooding from the water main break on Newark-Granville Road, I wish I would of delivered on the idea.

I had every intention of posting a quick summary of our fabulous Christmas trip to Maryland.  The time with our darling 6 year niece and goddaughter in Baltimore was really amazing.  Gathering the full Stoner group in Hagerstown made for wonderful catch-up and memory making! It was the fastest week ever. We blinked and were heading home this early am to get Clare to bball practice. It felt like we were justing sitting at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl to kick-off the holiday trip.

We kept seeing the posts on Facebook about the water being off, pressure being affected, etc, etc…It wasn't until we pulled into our drive and saw all the gravel showcasing how much water must have passed our house.  Joe said- hmmmm - we might have a flooded basement- and he was right!   I'm happy to say we have support from the village and ServPro was on the job.  Tonight I type with the start of a mammoth trash pile by the mailbox, drying times to be stored or pitched in the queue in the back yard and the dining room and kitchen filled with to-dos.  The basement has fans and we'll get things in a good place to move forward. IT could be soooo much worse- snow and rain would made a much harder clean-up process.

Life on Newark-Granville Road will wrap the year up clean and more organized- this is a good week to take on the task- Joe is home! We won't be setting up that yard sale but we will make some trips to Goodwill. We are also in a great place arriving home today rested and happy. I'm not sure what day of the week is- little turned around but I'll get in sync!   I hope this finds you well and ready to wrap up the year and celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas.

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