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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

all dressed up and places to go!

1/14/15 6:42: I type in my red formal dress ordered for The Town and Country Big Red Ball.  It arrived late- I knew that was the risk as soon as I hit the "order" button and I received the message my shipment was coming from China.  Oops- didn't read the fine print. I don't do red or better stated, red is a challenging color for me to wear and not my preference or first pick.  I looked everywhere for various red dresses and spent too much time on the Internet.  One night in bed on my lap top I scrolled ebay and found the dress I would actually wear and ordered it.  But the good news is- it arrived, I wasn't sure.  The price was such I could take that risk.

More good news- it fits and I like it! I wasn't sure- again a good enough price to take the risk.  It really isn't "me"- sparkly crystals, red- kind of Miss Americay- but I have that side in me- the dress I wore in High School for the Assembly Club and same dress to the Altoona Prom- had that touch of glitter and glam.  Clare approves, Sally not so much and Peter says yes- we'll see what Joe thinks.  I'm also happy to share I have an upcoming event with a red theme- Valentines Day! Three cheers for the Alfretta Committee choosing this day…although my dress may be too formal…hmmm- don't they say it is better to be overdressed than under? Hmmmm…

So life on Newark-Granville Road enjoys our dress up nights. Joe has more formal ware than suits and another reason I could take the risk of a dress not arriving- I have a few dresses that work for all kinds of events! Dress up nights mean date night and time with friends. If you are at all interested in joining us at a night out like this I hope you'll talk to me in person- we love to share.

Update on Feb 15th- I wore the dress on Valentines Day to the Alfretta party- lovely lovely event for so many reasons.  I felt great in the dress and wasn't the dressiest person there- woo hoo! Lots of fun compliments- old school nod, dress from the 50s movies- woo hoo! High Society, Rear Window- always a look I love! Picture below….and my actions tonight- trying on a bright fun colored dress that has never been worn, purchased because the price was right and I liked it….it may be perfect for TandC springs event theme…look for a future update on what I'm wearing on Newark-Granville Road! As I type tonight- blue tie-dyed exercise pants- yoga tonight- woo hoo!

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